Stage One: The Departure

It’s a bit past 2 a.m. on the day that classes start. I’m currently listening to Vertical Horizon’s “Send It Up,” as an ode to Felicity, the WB drama that is definitive of my college years. For the past two weeks or so, I’ve been ranting and raving about how I can not wait for school to begin; I’ve missed the hectic schedule of classes, assignments and deadlines, and the comfort of knowing I’m surrounded by others who are also trying to wade through a similar pool of expectations. Yet, the closer I get to actually crossing the threshold, the more this excitement becomes a knot in my stomach, acting like quicksand and dragging me down into a vortex of emotions such as excitement, over the atypical digital approach to my academics, and anxiety because of the process of starting over something so familiar, yet so foreign. A master’s degree is no easy feat, and the closer I get to the first class, the more striking the fact that this is the verge of the rest of my life becomes.

In a professional sense, this degree characterizes my skills, qualifications, and to an extent, my ambitions. Supposedly, the degree you hold determines the type of job you want. Inter-personally, this degree plays a critical role in terms of how others view me; I can either be the person that leaves everyone wondering how I made it this far, a snob, or someone who just really loves a subject enough to pursue it to this extent. Personally, I’m not overly concerned with either of the above; it’s the intrapersonal part of going this distance that truly weighs on me. At the end of the day, I’m not super worried about getting the greatest job, or being well-liked; I just want to come out of this journey on the other end as a better human being. And I figured, with a goal like that, why not liken this foray into education to my own personal hero’s journey? Creating this blog was only one of the many calls to action I’ll have to answer, and publicly blogging is just part of the tests and ordeals that will cement my worth.

The goal of this blog is simple; while it was indeed built for classes, and is being curated in a professional and academic fashion, it also serves as a timeline of my learning, and by blogging publicly, I not only aim to show my growth to anyone who stops by, but to also remind myself that I was once a novice in the field of what digital literature, writing, and consumption truly are. As it is now, I have a rudimentary understanding of all these faucets, and maybe someone in the same boat as me will find a kinship in this fact and take this blog as a sign that they should keep going! If not, at least I can find comfort in this small corner of the Internet that is all my own design.

So far, I’ve acclimated you to my current state of mind, my current upcoming affairs and engagements, and my hopes and wishes for what this blog can accomplish given its purpose. I guess this far into the post is as good of a time as any to give you a bit of insight into who I am. Maybe it’ll humanize this blog a bit, and make this just a little less awkard.

My whole name is a mouthful, and I’m wary of strangers on the Internet, so you can just call me Sun, like the big thing in the sky! My name was in part a tribute to my grandfather, but mostly a dad joke because my parent thought it would be hilarious to have a female child with a nickname that had everyone confused when a boy was not the one answering. I guess I was just born to try and get a laugh out of everyone! Of course, I love to read and write, with my favorite genres of literature being fantasy, crime and mystery, and science fiction. I’m also a huge psychology enthusiast; talk to me about Aronson and Seligman! I drink more coffee and tea than most health professionals would recommend, but I also run and drink a lot of water, so it evens out. I have more scrunchies, flannel shirts, and crewnecks than the average adult, and I just became the proud owner of a copy of Jump Force for the Nintendo Switch. While my anime knowledge has remained intact (talk to me about any Shonen Jump manga), fingers crossed that my ten-year hiatus from gaming won’t affect my ability to play.

Well, I guess it’s time to rest up before the big day actually commences. Here’s to an exciting new set of trials and errors, discovery, and the start of a journey into the depths of digital culture!

2 thoughts on “Stage One: The Departure

  1. I really appreciate all your shared about your journey. I feel similarly and take encouragement from someone else just putting themselves out there and following their passion. I look forward to getting to read more of your work and getting to know you better in class – even if we are all in the digital realm right now. 🙂


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